Giulio's Photo Album (1974-2003)

Giulio's Photo Album
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Architecture Temples Parks People Engrish Miscellanea


Medusa Juggling 1 Medusa Juggling 2 Medusa Juggling 3 Medusa Juggling 4 Sand Juggling 1 Sand Juggling 2 Sand Juggling 3


Paff! ...but surely, we are not gonna go down that way! Zak, Rog and me Roger

Sweet Home



Matteo Giulio Matteo Giordano Giulio Gomma Matteo

Hair experiments

Mohican Punk Punk No More Bald Bald Shampooed Hair Dreadlocks Dreadlocks No More Attack Of The Living Dreadlocks Banana Banana Zuperman Zuperman Porno Long Hair Anti Punk Anti Punk And Drooling Les Claypool Prodigy Prodigy Mr Bean Scar


7 9 15 20 21 23 25 28

Wendy, I'm home...

Wendy? Wendy? Wendy? Wendy? Wendy?

Some time ago

Bigol Where are you? Where are you? A Passion For Finance A Passion For Finance Drooling Before The Exam Driller Drums Sun Tan Class Mates Wind In Paris Autogrill In Turkey

A long time ago

Engineering Giant Mushrooms Sense Of Humor Yes, It's Me Really

Some friends and relatives

Paolo Ale and Lin Elena and Mattia Greg Ale Trist Legno Davide Betta Mamma

McDonald's Contest

Yum yum... McDonalds McDonalds Already? A Close Match A Tie? A tie

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